Kevin Bahati, a famous ex-gospel artist, visited the UDA offices in Nairobi on Wednesday, April 12. The musician's tour to the incumbent party's offices has sparked speculation about him embracing the UDA party.

The musician-turned-politician will be introduced as a UDA party official by the party's leadership. Bahati will join the UDA party barely a year after joining Raila's Azimio party alliance.

Bahati was a contender in the general election on August 9, 2022. He ran for the Mathare parliamentary seat under the Azimio banner as part of the Jubilee party. A group of ODM politicians encouraged him to resign and endorse the ODM's candidate.

Following the elections, Bahati could not secure the Mathare parliamentary seat since the ODM candidate received more votes and was proclaimed the winner of the parliamentary race. Bahati's electoral defeat strained his relationship with the Azimio alliance even more.