The decision by Interior CS Kithure Kindiki to declare Friday, April 21, as a national public holiday to commemorate Idd-ul-Fitr has stirred feathers, with a portion of Muslims objecting to the plan.

Hassan Ole Naado, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (Supkem), told local media that the government's decision is confounding Kenya's Muslim faithful and that the choice should be based solely on a sighting of the moon.

PHOTO | COURTESY Kithure Kindiki

He said the choice was a significant gamble for the administration because the crescent moon would not show on the same day to mark the end of the month, Ramadhan. He also believes that the conclusion of Ramadhan should be announced solely by Chief Kadhi and not by those in power.

He urged his Muslim brothers and sisters to adhere to their religious norm of moon sighting rather than government declarations. He added that this is confusing, and some people, particularly those in rural areas, can go ahead and break their fast on Friday regardless of whether the moon is sighted.

He added that The government should have consulted Muslims before making the decision. The safest way to have done it was to draft the holiday after the 30th day. This is a huge mistake and misleading.

PHOTO | COURTESY Muslims praying

Ramadhan always concludes on the 29th or 30th day, depending on when the moon is visible. If the crescent moon does not appear on Thursday, Kenyan Muslims will continue to fast on Friday, even though the government has officially declared it a public holiday. 

PLAINLY STUPID. Friday is the 30th day of Ramadan. (Broke my Twitter fast to post this tweet)