Kenya will open its airspace to allow free transit and evacuation of nationals from neighbouring nations fleeing the conflict in Sudan.

On Tuesday, Foreign Affairs CS Alfred Mutua said that 409 Kenyans and over 500 other nationals had been safely evacuated from Khartoum, adding that the process is ongoing.

Mutua stated that the government is dedicated to removing all Kenyans trapped in Sudan and providing safe passage for all nationalities transiting via Kenya to their home countries.

He stated that this would entail opening her airspace in Lokichogio, Eldoret, and other locations to provide technical and humanitarian assistance.

"We have evacuated 409 Kenyans, and there are still more Kenyans in Sudan." There are Kenyans outside Khartoum who have elected to stay in Sudan; thus, we are evacuating everyone who wants to leave Sudan Khartoum," he remarked during a press conference.

"I'd like to thank South Sudan, Ethiopia, and other countries for allowing Kenyans to cross the border and come here."

Several countries have evacuated diplomats and citizens from Sudan's capital, Khartoum, where fierce fighting continues.

There has been extensive violence as a result of a violent power struggle between the regular army and a formidable paramilitary squad.

Hundreds of residents have been killed, and thousands have been injured due to the power struggle in the capital city.

President William Ruto convened a virtual conference with leaders of United Nations agencies on Monday to discuss the increasing crisis in Sudan.