According to reports, WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is in the process of developing a new feature that will enable users to set up unique usernames for their accounts. This upcoming feature, currently in development, is anticipated to be included in a future update of the widely-used instant messaging app.

"After installing the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update from the Google Play Store, we spotted a significant feature during our usual exploration of the new build," WABetaInfo said in its report.

A screenshot shared by WABetaInfo indicates that WhatsApp is currently in the process of developing a username feature, which will be accessible through the app's settings. Users will have the option to create a unique username within the Profile section, enabling them to move away from relying solely on phone numbers for contact identification.

This upcoming feature will provide users with the convenience of initiating conversations by simply entering a person's chosen username, eliminating the need to know their phone number beforehand. It is anticipated that this new functionality will enhance user experience and facilitate easier communication on the platform.

While the exact details of how usernames will operate within WhatsApp are yet to be revealed, it is expected that conversations initiated using usernames will remain protected by the app's robust end-to-end encryption. This encryption ensures that user privacy and data security remain a top priority.

Although the username feature is still in development, it is anticipated that beta testers will have the opportunity to test it in the coming months.

In other news, WhatsApp is also introducing a new interface for the group settings screen. Some beta testers already have access to this feature. The updated interface offers improved clarity and intuitiveness. Instead of opening a separate window for each option, users can now directly enable or disable settings by toggling switches on the screen, resulting in a more efficient and time-saving experience.