Nairobi's County Assembly Speaker has been sued for hiring 12 employees instead of five to work in his office.

According to the suit filed by one Francis Awino, the Speaker allegedly engaged the stated personnel despite the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (S.R.C.) stating that he can only have a maximum of five staff members reporting to him.

According to Awino, the Speaker employed three personal drivers, three secretaries, and one communications officer, a former Member of the County Assembly for Gatina Ward.

The remaining five staff members are said to be ghost workers who cannot be found despite their names indicating that they work for the Speaker.

PHOTO | COURTESY Nairobi speaker

Awino further claimed that the Speaker's appointments were riddled with illegalities, anomalies, and law violations.

"No shortlisting and eventual interviews of the appointees were ever conducted, nor was any publishing of their names in the print media; a clear manifestation to the extent of flouting the Constitution by the Respondent," court documents seen by Citizen Digital read in part.

He went on to say that by failing to promote the posts as required by law, the positions were filled irregularly, denying other qualified Nairobians and Kenyans the opportunity to apply for and compete for them.

Awino also accused the Speaker of supporting the illegal employment of relatives of several Nairobi County Assembly members.

"To name a few, Hon. Catherine Apiyo Akoth, the nominated M.C.A. with the O.D.M., Party," the court documents state. The Respondent has facilitated hiring her daughter, Ms Winnie, at the county assembly's administrative department. At the same time, Hon. Emily Oduor has employed her daughter, Ms Oduor, at the county assembly's legal department," according to court filings.

 "In keeping with the irregular appointments, Hon. Wilfred Oluoch, Member of the County Assembly of Nairobi, Mabatini Ward, and Chairman of the Budget Committee, has hired his son Mr. Pinto Odar as a County Assembly Finance Officer."

Awino requests that the court deem the Speaker's acts a clear abuse of power and that the nominations be revoked.

He further requests that the court order the Public Service Commission to conduct new interviews and appoint the suggested individuals to the Speaker's office.