Maina Njenga, The former Mungiki sect leader, pleaded not guilty to seven charges read to him in Nakuru Law Court on Monday.

He was accused of being a member of an organized crime and six counts of engaging in organized criminal activity.

Other charges include possessing firearms, ammunition, government stores, and psychoactive substances.


Maina Njenga was represented in court by a team of lawyers, including Narc-Kenya party head Martha Karua, Jeremiah Kioni, and his lawyer Ndengwa Njiru.

Karua criticized the DCI for referring to Njenga as a former Mugiki leader. She said that the prosecution used deception to remove Njenga from his counsel but that the DPP intervened to release him so he could present him in court.

Martha karua said It was after 1 p.m., and they intended to keep him over the weekend. Journalistic reports appear to bias the accused, and they want the court to rule against his lawyer Njiru, who said that the press had vilified his client.

PHOTO | COURTESY Rigathi Gachagua

Yesterday in a function in Thika, the DP made comments meant to lower the opinion of the right-thinking member of our society as far as our client is concerned.

"Knowing what our country has been through, we don't want to go back there."

However, deputy president rigathi gachagua has warned that any attempts to revive the Mungiki sect will be met with the law.

On Sunday, the second-in-command spoke in Thika while accompanying a group of leaders to a religious function at the AIPCA church.DP Gachagua warned the congregation. The person reviving this gang is setting up our children to be killed.

He added that he wants to ask parents to talk to their boys and church leaders to talk to their children about not allowing their children to be abused and set up for trouble.