As the three-day anti-government protests against the opposition started on Wednesday, police and demonstrators ran into fights in Kisumu.

As the demonstrators attempted to overpower the police, the anti-riot police fired tear gas at them mercilessly leaving the protestors  to pick up the canisters and return them to sender before they blew up. The protesters were also stoning the police as they ran for safety.

Some demonstrators organized nonviolent marches along Makasembo Road with local leaders accompanying them.  Kisumu Central MP Joshua Oron was the one leading the protest battalion.

As we all know, Kisumu is where Raila Amollo Odinga hails from. Political analysts believe some Azimio party leaders will appear in Kisumu later in the day. The leaders have divided themselves so that they can appear in every county in Kenya.

There is also a lot of tension In Nairobi as many businesses have been shut down in fear of being rooted.

Look at what’s happening in Kisumu - picture courtesy of the STAR