Following a meeting with stakeholders, Mr Kello Harsama, the Principal Secretary of the State Department for crop development in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, has guaranteed Kenyans cheaper maize flour starting next week.

The statement is advantageous given that it is harvest season and plenty of produce will be available. PS Harsama stated in his announcement from yesterday that the cost of unga will be drastically reduced.

"Today, I met with United Grain Millers Association members. We agreed that maize and unga prices will drop drastically by the following week," Harsama stated.

He made his remark on the first day of the three-day protests by the Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya Coalition against the government's failure to address the skyrocketing cost of living in the nation.

On Monday, the opposition criticized the government for its misguided attempts to cut the cost of living, including its focus on creating jobs for particular industries while neglecting to provide for all Kenyans.

They are ignoring the critical issue. Food is consumed and desired by humans. Governments, whether legal or not, are not eaten by people. They will leave the streets if you feed them, according to Opiyo Wandayi, the minority leader in the National Assembly.

The government declared that different brands of 2 kilograms of maize flour might be purchased at specific prices for between Sh150 and Sh200 when the commodity price was Sh230 and higher to reduce the cost of unga, Kenya's main meal.

However, This affordable maize flour was only available briefly until it was eliminated from the shelves. The retail price quickly climbed to Sh270 for a 2kg.

Azimio la Umoja, who urged that maize flour be cut to Sh100, the initial retail price the item was sold at before inflation and hoarding were recorded, did not find these actions adequate.

According to the opposition, millions of Kenyans are considered to be below the poverty line, and the high cost of food shouldn't be a factor in their decision whether or not to eat.

It is still being determined whether the government will reduce and keep the price of unga.