There have been reports of the second day of anti-government demonstrations nationwide, which the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party called. 

Kenyans continue to avoid certain areas of the country for fear of violence breaking out; therefore, in contrast to prior rallies, there has been a relative quiet in the nation. 

On Wednesday, July 19, teenagers in Kisumu continued their barricading of highways and idling of traffic from the previous day. 

The government had sent police cars to keep the peace in the lakeside city, and they could be seen standing across the police cars. 

A group from the Manyatta informal colony was captured on camera singing and marching through the streets with twigs while protesting the government. 

Many people noticed a young man selling stones as he walked around the Kisumu Boys' roundabout while clothed in a pink towel. 

He wore a placard around his neck tied with a piece of twine and urged other protesters to purchase the projectiles. The man claimed that while a stone costs KSh 10, the price will increase to KSh 100 in the evening. 

"Ikifika jioni ni mia. Weeh risasi ni 10 ikifika jioni ni mia. Bei itapanda," he shouted as the others looked on.