Afghan women are protesting "gender apartheid" in the Taliban-run Afghanistan in Cologne, Germany, by going on a hunger strike.

According to Zarmina Paryani, who spoke to AFP, "Today the women of Afghanistan don't have school, university, cars, restaurants, everything is banned."

PHOTO | COURTESY Afghan women go on hunger strike

One of five sisters who fled to Germany in 2022 after being detained by the Taliban for participating in a rally in Afghanistan is the activist.

Tamana Paryani, one of the other sisters, is also participating in the strike, scheduled for 12 days.

Tamana Paryani shared a photo of a sign that read, "Afghanistan should be recognised as a country where gender apartheid exists" on X, formerly known as Twitter.

According to Zarmina Paryani, the Taliban "arrest, torture, and kill political and human rights activists every day... but the world is silent."

PHOTO | COURTESY Afghan women go on hunger strike

In the big city in western Germany, sixteen women started the strike four days prior, but as of Monday, just three remained, she added.

The Taliban have implemented a rigid interpretation of Islam since retaking control in August 2021, with women bearing the brunt of what the UN has dubbed "gender apartheid" policies.

Girls and women have been prohibited from enrolling in high schools and universities and attending parks, fairs, and gyms.

Many have also been prevented from working for UN organizations or NGOs and have had their government employment terminated or been paid to stay at home.