Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi, claims that his nephew @antoneosoul was not paid after the service he offered during the launch of wheelbarrow movement at the official residence of the then deputy president William Ruto in Karen, Nairobi.

Oya @OleItumbi my nephew @antoneosoul anasema alibebwa ufala na hakulipwa . Mpatie za macho so we can stop laughing at him during family meetings. Hii ujinga yote na hakulipwa? Hio sio poa. Saidia msanii alipwe

The activist has reached out to Dennis Itumbi in an effort to ensure that the artist receives rightful compensation for his contribution.

During the recent general elections, the current head of state, President William Ruto, employed the talents of artists and creatives to effectively communicate his campaign message, particularly through the Bottom-Up economic model, which resonated strongly with the youth.

Anto Neosoul, the artist who played a pivotal role in launching the Wheelbarrow Movement at the Karen Official Residence alongside the former Deputy President William Ruto, has recently spoken about his situation several months after the event. Anto Neosoul has claimed that he was not remunerated for his contributions when he assisted the present head of state, President William Ruto, in inaugurating the Wheelbarrow Movement.

"Hata Sikulipwa, Hadi Wa Leo. Nilibebwa ufala" he said. Loosely translated to mean , 'i was not paid up to today. I was used.'