Mbita Member of Parliament, Millie Odhiambo, has voiced support for National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula concerning a trending online video. In the video, the speaker addresses the high cost of living in the country, emphasizing that the challenges are not unique to Kenya but extend globally, affecting the entire world.

He proceeded to express optimism, stating that the difficult times would eventually pass, and as a nation, everyone would collectively rise and soar once again. The surge in the cost of living has been exacerbated by the prevailing high taxation in the country, eliciting disapproval among Kenyans, especially considering the government's earlier commitment to reducing it. Presently, the cost of living has surpassed levels seen during the previous president's administration.

The comment section was filled with disgruntled Kenyans expressing bitterness over his choice of words, particularly given the promises of a prosperous future that seem to be elusive at present.