Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna staunchly declares his intention to vote for President William Ruto once again in the 2027 general elections, responding defiantly to Kenyans who have raised queries about his decision.

Miguna Miguna issues a caution to Kenyans, stressing that they should abstain from questioning his choice to endorse President William Ruto over the opposition leader, Raila Odinga. Miguna asserts that Raila stood by former President Uhuru Kenyatta during his abduction, unlawful detention, and torture until Miguna was compelled to flee Kenya.

“Some Kenyans keep harassing me for having voted for William Ruto. Did they expect me to vote for Raila Odinga, who conspired with Uhuru Kenyatta to abduct me from my home, destroy my home, illegally detain, torture, sedate, and force me out of my motherland? I don’t regret it. I’d do it again,” he stated. He added: “Why would I have voted for the person who supported these violations and urged Uhuru to block me from returning to Kenya?” Miguna Miguna, however, affirmed his commitment to denouncing the alleged atrocities carried out by the government led by Ruto.

“No. I will never support Raila. That doesn’t mean I will turn a blind eye to any violations committed by William Ruto, and I haven’t,” he said.

 Miguna's political challenges commenced after he administered the oath of office to Raila as the people's president at Uhuru Park in January 2018. Subsequently, he faced deportation twice in 2018 under the Jubilee government, having been held incommunicado for several days.

In 2022, Miguna returned to the country, arriving weeks after Ruto assumed power. The assertive lawyer claimed that the head of state apologized to him for the torture inflicted upon him by the previous regime and pledged to drop all charges against him. However, a year after his return, Miguna asserted that Ruto had not yet honored the commitment.