Declaring that he will not tolerate corruption in his government, President William Ruto has sent a strong warning to his Cabinet. 

 Speaking on Wednesday at the end of a three-day government retreat in Naivasha, Ruto further declared that any member of his Cabinet connected to a corruption scandal will bear full responsibility for their purported deeds. 

 The President also issued a warning to the members of his Cabinet about becoming victims of con artists who use his name to obtain money from the government.

'"Each one of you here has my number. Nobody should come to you threatening you or telling you that the President has sent me...he is my cousin or my relative. On corruption, it will not be business as usual; we are going to be firm," said Ruto.

In addition, President Ruto gave graft-related investigative agencies strict instructions to fulfill their mandates and ensure every effort is made to ensure prudent use of public funds.

"There is no room or space in my government to engage in corruption...we shall get hold of you and you will face the consequences. When we fail, we fail together. When we succeed, we do it together. We must put our hands together," he said.

The President's comments are being made when the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is looking into allegations of corruption and power abuse at various government agencies, and several high-profile government officials are being investigated. 


 The President's warning also comes amid worries that government officials are inflating the cost of massive development projects while diverting billions of taxpayer dollars into their pockets.