In the 2027 presidential election, a faction of Kenya Kwanza Members of Parliament now predict that President William Ruto will be re-elected without opposition.

The lawmakers claimed that as President Ruto increases his chances of winning the 2027 election, his recent political actions have alluded to a plan to plow through his political rivals' territory.

Caleb Mule, a Machakos MP, claimed that Ruto's pledge to back Raila Odinga's candidacy for the AU position is a ploy to win over Odinga's supporters and strengthen his chances of winning reelection in 2027.

For his part, Emurrua Dikirr MP Johana Ng'eno stated that Ruto intends to reduce political tensions nationwide to foster an atmosphere favorable to growth.

Laikipia Woman representative Jane Kagiri and Manyatta MP Mukunji Gitonga expressed similar views.

After opposition leader Raila Odinga officially announced that he would run for chairperson of the African Union Commission, there was a surge of excitement in Kenya Kwanza and nervousness in Odinga's strongholds.