On the afternoon of April 22nd, Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah reemerged online with a strong response to proposals put forth by Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei.

Through his official Twitter account, Okiya Omtatah presented alternative proposals to those being sponsored by Samson Arap Cherargei.

Among the proposals is the suggestion to extend the presidential term limit to seven years, along with increasing the terms of governors, senators, and members of parliament.

Additionally, Okiya Omtatah advocates for the Senate to be responsible for vetting Cabinet Secretaries, the Attorney General, the Auditor General, the Inspector General of Police, the Chief Justice, judges, and other top positions.

"Legislative proposal by Nandi Senator @scherargei - Increase terms of president, MPs, governors and MCAs to seven years from five", he wrote.

"Create Office of the Prime Minister- Senate to vet Cabinet Secretary, Attorney General, Auditor General, Police IG, Chief Justice and judges-National Assembly to vet ambassadors-Counties to get 40 per cent of national revenue from current 15 .Impeachment of governor and deputy governor to be challenged in Supreme Court only.Both Houses of Parliament to approve the deployment of the KDF", he added.

His statement aligns with Senator Samson Arap Cherargei's bill. Below were some of the reactions from netizens.