Hon. Kabando Wa Kabando has branded president William Ruto's government as a pathological liar. His sentiments come after president William Ruto said there won't be any political assassination or extrajudicial killings in his administration.

Ruto says no political assassinations or extrajudicial killings will happen under his watch. The greatest verbalized direct public assurance by a president since 1963. Tragically and ironically, Ruto is a pathological megalomaniac liar whose regime is irredeemably inept and rotten.

You want to believe what Rais Ruto or his lieutenants are saying is true, then first, try to believe that it is not his kitchen cabinet that's complicit and culpable in fake fertiliser, edible oils, kcpe kcse exams, kemsa nets, ndabibi land grab. I choose not to believe my Rais". Said Hon. Kabando Wa Kabando.

Now, it's a waiting game to see if President William Ruto's camp will respond to this development in the coming hours.

"We Must Be Fearless" Kabando Wa Kabando Advises The Opposition Leaders

Hon. Kabando Wa Kabando has called on the opposition leaders to be fearless against president William Ruto's government.

"If We, the opposition ranks, want the moral authority to oversight, critique, criticise, and correct Ruto's irredeemably inept, corrupt, dangerous and rotten goverment, we must be fearless, honest, incorruptible and patriotic. We'd let EACC Kenya, Kenya judiciary crash graft merchants.

Let's uphold and advocate for the rule of law by allowing constitutional governance agencies to fulfill their mandates. We should refrain from politicizing corruption cases. Let the suspects face their charges. They are presumed innocent until proven guilty by courts of law, not by their political associates.

Corruption and impunity stand as Kenya's greatest adversaries. It is due to greed, materialism, and theft that Kenya suffers from poverty. Corruption and greed breed tribalism, plundering, political violence, and extrajudicial killings. While the fight against corruption may face political interference at present, it won't last forever.

As politicians, we are neither fraud investigators nor judges handling cases brought forth by ODPP, EACC Kenya, DCI Kenya, or the judiciary. Kenya is determined to eradicate corruption and impunity, aspiring to become the world's finest nation. If we politicians ensure that thieves face justice and all stolen assets are recovered, Kenya will triumph over corruption and impunity.

On the flip side, because corruption is so deep-rooted as evidenced in reigns of high priests of corruption hence capturing state organs, extrajudicial killings, political murders, tribalism and official incompetence, whistle-blowers against impunity deserve benefit of the doubt". Said Hon. Kabando Wa Kabando.