Following Sifuna's remarks, Senator Cherargai insisted that Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna apologize for his comments, but Sifuna reiterated his earlier statement. Cherargei then called for Sifuna to be expelled due to his offensive remarks.

"We cannot allow members to speak without any regard for this esteemed house," said Cherargei. "As representatives, we should set an example for the citizens. If we behave disrespectfully, what message does that send? We need order in this chamber."

Senator Edwin Sifuna sparked controversy in the Senate on Wednesday with his comment about "kissing the behind." The discussion arose when Sifuna suggested that Senators were not posing direct inquiries to Health CS Susan Nakhumicha, but rather delving into peripheral matters. Nakhumicha had attended the Senate session to address queries regarding the doctors' strike and other concerns impacting the health sector.

“We are not here to worship the CS. We are not here to give stories. Mr speaker, we have few minutes and this is a national debate.. we are not here to kiss people's behinds.