Lawyer Noordean Khagai's statement has ignited significant controversy and debate within Kenya's political circles, especially given the recent alliance between President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga. Khagai, a vocal critic, accused the veteran politicians of being mired in outdated practices reminiscent of the KANU era.

"They are old KANU boys and all they know is KANU. The easiest way to puncture a movement is to call a few, corrupt them, and kill the momentum," Khagai asserted.

"The day Kenyans understand that you can hire and fire MPs before five years lapse is when Parliamentarians will get their act together."- Noordean Khagai (lawyer)

The statement emerged amidst growing unrest among Kenya's youth, known as Generation Z (Gen-Z), who have been leading the charge for political accountability and reform. Many young Kenyans see the alliance between Ruto and Odinga as a betrayal of progressive ideals, accusing the political veterans of compromising principles for personal gain.

Critics argue that the collaboration between Ruto and Odinga undermines the youth's aspirations for a more transparent and inclusive political system. They fear that the involvement of these veteran politicians could weaken grassroots movements and stifle genuine efforts toward meaningful change.