Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has assigned roles to his ministry's recently nominated Chief Administrative Secretaries (CASs).

CS Kindiki welcomed Samuel Ole Tunai, Millicent Omanga, and Mohamud Saleh to the ministry on Monday, outlining the departments they will each head and stating that the move will help efficiently deliver services.

PHOTO | COURTESY Omanga and Kindiki

Saleh's sector will oversee reforms at the Kenya Prisons Service (KPS), Borstal Institutions, and the Probation agency.

Kindiki, on the other hand, stated that the distributions would be contingent on the result of the ongoing legal proceedings.

The High Court barred the appointed CASs from taking office after the Law Society of Kenya and Katiba Institute submitted a petition contesting their appointment process.

The law society of kenya and Katiba Institute sued the President and the Public Service Commission (PSC) in the petition. All 50 CASs are named as interested parties in the case.

According to the petitioners, the President violated Article 10 of the Constitution by appointing 50 CASs while "fully aware that only 23 positions were created and recruited for."

The court also barred the CASs from receiving a salary, remuneration, or any other benefit until the case was resolved.

The matter will be discussed again on March 28, 2023, for further instructions.