The fierce struggle for authority over the significant financial resources allocated to the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary is reportedly a key factor behind the resignation of Principal Secretary (PS) Esther Ngero.

As the first high-ranking official within President William Ruto's cabinet to step down, Ms. Ngero previously held the position of head of the State Department for Performance and Delivery Management in Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi's office. However, she was later reassigned to the Ministry of Interior and National Administration, where she provided assistance to PS Aurelia Rono, who oversaw Parliamentary Affairs.

The office headed by Mr. Mudavadi is responsible for implementing national government policies and coordinating the national legislative agenda in partnership with Kenya Kwanza leaders in both the National Assembly and the Senate.

In the Supplementary Budget for Fiscal Year 2022/2023, Mr. Mudavadi's office received a total of Sh751.9 million for its recurrent budget.

Before her reassignment, Ms. Ngero served as the accounting officer for the Prime Cabinet Secretary's Office.

According to a source, a conflict arose between Ms. Ngero and Ms. Rono regarding control of the funds allocated to Mr. Mudavadi's office, leading to strained relations between the two high-ranking officials.

After the matter was brought to President William Ruto's attention, he made the decision to appoint Ms. Rono as the accounting officer, which displeased Ms. Ngero. Despite her tireless efforts to advocate for the position of Principal Secretary, she felt that she was being treated unfairly and disadvantaged.

 In a recent communication from the Chief of Staff, President Ruto appointed Faith Njeri Harrison, the former Chief Officer of Finance in Kiambu County, to replace Ms. Ngero at Mr. Mudavadi's office.