The majority leader in the National Assembly, Hon. Kimani Ichungwa, has asserted that the Kenya Kwanza government will remain steadfast in its efforts to prevent the Azimio La Umoja alliance from jeopardizing the Kenyan economy. According to the Kikuyu MP, the same individuals held the nation captive during President Uhuru Kenyatta's previous administration. The government is determined to safeguard the country's economic progress and ensure that any potential threats to its stability are addressed proactively.

According to the majority leader in the National Assembly, the Kenya Kwanza administration is resolute in not allowing violence to dominate our nation. The legislator points out that the individuals behind these large-scale protests are the same ones who caused unrest during the previous handshake government. The administration is committed to upholding peace and stability, and they are closely monitoring the situation to prevent any disruptions that may hinder the nation's progress.

Kimani Ichungwa's statements come at a critical juncture when the government faces allegations of intimidating the media and the opposition. Several opposition leaders, including Hon. Babu Owino, the representative for Embakasi East, and Maina Njenga, a former leader of the Mungiki, have been detained, and concerns are raised as they have not been transported to court yet. The situation has drawn attention to the issues surrounding media freedom and the treatment of political opposition in the country.