A recent thread on X, formerly known as Twitter, about how men don't like their girlfriends and tolerate them has caused a massive debate online. Here are signs to watch out for to avoid staying in dead relationships with ungrateful men.

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1) Lack of proper communication

A communication breakdown is one of the most revealing symptoms of something wrong in the relationship. If your boyfriend is becoming increasingly distant, avoiding lengthy chats or future topics is a red flag. 

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2)He does not have time for you.

Spending quality time with your partner is something every couple craves. If your man or boyfriend constantly gives excuses on why he cannot spend time with you, then you need to worry.

Canceled plans, unexplained absences, or a general lack of enthusiasm for joint activities may signal a declining interest in sustaining the relationship.

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3)Lies about small things

relationships are built on trust and honesty. If your partner lies about the little things that he has no business lying about, then it is time to reevaluate your relationship.

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4)Lack of affection.

Physical connection is essential in any relationship or marriage. If your man does not show affection or comes up with excuses to avoid being affectionate with you, then there could be something wrong with the relationship.

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5)He does not plan a future with you

men are planners. They like knowing what their future will look like, so if he does not involve you in his plans, you should be on your way out because his future does not include you.