Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life Christian Church has cautioned men against marrying women who enjoy sleeping in. In a recent sermon at Mavueni church, the pastor asserted that a desirable wife should be an early riser, suggesting that women who oversleep are not suitable life partners.

During his sermon, Pastor Ezekiel expressed empathy for men who frequently find themselves waking up ahead of their wives, emphasizing the importance of a woman taking the initiative to rise early and attend to the needs of her family. He supported his stance by quoting scriptures to underline the significance of early rising in a woman's role.


This incident adds to Pastor Ezekiel's track record of making bold and provocative statements. In a previous instance, he discouraged the naming of children Diana, associating the name with promiscuity. Such outspoken views consistently draw attention, sparking discussions on social media platforms. As reactions unfold, Pastor Ezekiel's statements once again ignite debates surrounding traditional gender roles and expectations within the context of marriage.