Everyone knows shower $ex is a little awkward, what with the great potential for falling, slipping and grabbing a wet body for support, or having one of you feel super cold and the other like you're drowning. From getting shampoo in some place you'd rather not, to risking a pen1s injury, there are a lot more scary possibilities in shower $ex than you might realize.

Let me tell you why its risky for you;

Water is the opposite of lube.

Water rinses any actual lube and ~natural, bodily lube~ right off. So what you end up with a very friction-y, painful calamity. Once again, shower sex: It's not feasible and in fact it is bad.

You can totally get pregnant from shower sex.

While a lot of people might think you can't because the water washes everything away, there is nothing about shower sex that protects against pregnancy.

Condoms are potentially less effective in the shower.

Obviously wearing one is better than having zero protection, but you shouldn't rely on this as your only form of contraception in the shower, and without one, you have no prevention against the spread of disease.

you can still totally get an STI (and it might even up your chances).

"Can you get an STD in the shower" is another popular Google search term and I can see why it would be. Again, the idea that water washes away everything is a nice idea, but Boyle says, "Shower sex is not protective against the transmission of gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, condyloma, HIV, or any other disease.

In fact, with possible irritation of the vulva and penis occurring during shower sex, skin can get more raw and irritated, which could actually increase the risk of transmission of some diseases."

Other than the above points there are a lot of germs which are passed through since there is a lot of body contact