Bishop Harrison Ng'ang'a presents a thought-provoking viewpoint on the connection between financial stability, power dynamics, and the revelation of men's authentic character.

The phrase "If you want to see a man's true colors, give him money or power," echoes through time, and Bishop Ng'ang'a brings this wisdom to the forefront, particularly in the context of marriage.

The Bishop, recognized for his profound counsel, cautions married women against openly boasting about their husbands unless financial stability has been achieved. His rationale delves into the notion that money possesses the unique capability to reveal the true nature of an individual.

PHOTO | COURTESY Bishop Harrison Ng'ang'a and His Wife

From this perspective, the lack of financial success might obscure one's authentic character, and the disclosure of such qualities could be more appropriately reserved for a time when prosperity has been attained.

This advisory encourages reflection on the complex interplay between wealth and the genuine essence of an individual.

Bishop Ng'ang'a's viewpoint implies that financial stability serves as a catalyst, revealing individuals and laying bare their authentic selves.

The implicit message encourages a measured approach when evaluating and openly expressing pride in one's spouse, suggesting a certain threshold of financial accomplishment before openly acknowledging the virtues of a partner.

This prompts contemplation on whether the Bishop's advice mirrors a more widespread societal recognition of the transformative influence of money and success on an individual's character.