As Valentine's Day ends, some men are nursing breakup wounds after being dumped. Societal norms and expectations make it difficult for men to process heartbreaks. Here are some pointers for dealing with rejection as a man.

1. It's okay not to be okay

Remember that it's okay to feel sad and take your time recovering, but you have to move on eventually. Concentrate on what makes you happy, and think about the opportunities and experiences that await you.

PHOTO | COURTESY How to deal with a heartbreak

2. Get expert help if necessary.

If your incapacity to cope with heartbreak is interfering with your daily life, you should seek professional help. A therapist or counselor can offer advice and support as you process your feelings.

3. Look for appropriate coping mechanisms.

Avoid using unhealthy coping mechanisms. It is all too easy to numb the pain with alcohol, drugs, or other dangerous habits. These coping mechanisms, however, can eventually make you feel worse.


4. Focus on your mental health

Mental well-being. Keep your mental and emotional health in check. Heartbreak may hurt your well-being. Therefore, it's crucial to give yourself the highest priority right now. This behavior may involve healthy eating, getting adequate sleep, and exercising.

5. Be with family and friends

Ask your relatives and friends for assistance. You can process your feelings while receiving comfort and understanding by talking to a trusted person.

6. Let yourself feel

Permit yourself to experience your emotions. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Recognising and validating your feelings is essential rather than repressing or dismissing them. Such emotions include sadness, rage, and vulnerability.

7. Look for effective coping techniques. Avoid engaging in unhealthy coping mechanisms. It is all too easy to numb the pain with drink, drugs, or other risky behaviors. However, these coping methods can lead to worsening your symptoms.