Abuse in relationships can manifest itself in various ways. the misconception is that only women can be abused in relationships. in recent years there have been many cases of men being abused made public. men have been living in fear of reporting abuse for fear of being ridiculed. here are some types of abuse to watch out for.

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1. Physical abuse. this is the most common form of abuse and often involves the abused person becoming the punching of their partner. it can either be slapping or a thorough beating. physical abuse is often perpetrated by men but there are women who also beat their men.

2. Emotional abuse. this often happens before physical abuse begins. your partner abuses you frequently sometimes disguising it as a joke. emotional abuse is often verbal. he can do it in front of people or do it at home.

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3. Financial abuse. most people are unaware of this. financial abuse happens when the main source of income in the household withholds money as a form of punishment. when he/she is annoyed at you they refuse to pay bills or buy food in the house.

They can also refuse to pay school fees for the kids or threaten to kick you out any time you have a disagreement.

4. Psychological abuse. this is when your partner messes up with your psychology. they always blame you for things they do wrong. they also use your insecurities to attack you and bring you down. when left such partners can resort to stalking and threats of causing you harm.

The most crucial time for a victim of domestic abuse is when they try to leave. most victims are killed when they try to leave. it is often advised not to tell your partner that you are leaving them.

Victims of domestic abuse are advised to get out and seek help as soon as possible. call 1195 -National GBV hotline.