Fifty fifty is not beneficial to women in the relationship. let's start by saying that this is a western concept. African men pride themselves on being providers.

couple fighting

When men say they want to go half with the person they are in a relationship with, it is only the financial side they have in mind. they want the woman to pay for half of the bills but she still has to do all the traditional roles that society expects the woman to do.

A woman has to go to work and then come back home to do the cleaning and cooking for her partner while he is catching up on current affairs or while he hangs out with the boys.

Most African men still hold very traditional ideas like they cannot cook for their partners, set foot in the kitchen, wash their partner's clothes, or mop the house. so how can a man who cannot do all these, expect to be in a situation where everything is 50/50?

As a woman when you date a man like this, he will turn you into a slave. you will cook and clean and still pay the bills while the only contribution your man makes in a relationship is half contributions.

Men who want to be in a situation where roles are divided equally should date women who are open to that and be ready to go half in everything.

Those who feel like they can not live in a house where the lady is paying the rent or that they cannot wash their partner's clothes or cook should look for women who want to take a more traditional role.

it is important to find someone that has the same mindset as you when it comes to choosing a suitable partner, don't force someone to conform to your idea of what and how a relationship should look like.