Addressing allegations of her husband's infidelity, Mwanaisha expressed that there are certain actions one can find it in their heart to forgive.

Mwanaisha Chidzuga publicly expressed her forgiveness towards her husband, Senator Danson Mungatana, who is alleged to have been involved in a romantic relationship with former Miss World Kenya Beauty Queen Cecilia Mwangi.

According to a reputable news source, it has been disclosed that Senator Danson Mungatana and Cecilia Mwangi share a child together.

She further explained that she chose to extend forgiveness because he genuinely expressed remorse.

Mwanaisha emphasized that she has never personally interacted or met her husband's alleged Mpango wa Kando. Reports suggest that despite having a child together, Mungatana and Cecilia maintain a distant relationship and seldom communicate.

"There are things that you can forgive, others you can't. In as much as people have been asking me about this, i decided to forgive my husband because he was sorry and he apologized, i have never met his alleged lover, we don't even talk, i am very okay with my husband" She said