A Sudanese man named Chol Ayuen Mayen recently shared his profound admiration for Kenyan women after a significant encounter with them.
Chol Ayuen Mayen is widely recognized as Fame Shine, is a prominent figure in South Sudanese fashion, acting, writing, entrepreneurship, and media influence.

In his portrayal, he celebrates Kenyan women for personifying an extraordinary blend of qualities. He depicts them as not only exceptionally beautiful but also remarkably intelligent, compassionate, humble, endearing, and nurturing individuals. This heartfelt praise is born from authentic interactions with these remarkable women.

In an interview with the Kenya Gossip Club, the 20-year-old multi-talented individual disclosed that he is currently unattached and expressed his desire to find a romantic partner from Kenya. Nevertheless, he underscores that any potential match must resonate with his vision of an ideal partner in order to capture his affection.

He stated, “I am open to the possibility of a relationship with a Kenyan lady who fulfills the criteria of the kind of woman I seek. If I find the right one, I am willing to invest in her happiness and well-being. It’s a matter of genuine love and compatibility.”

According to his social media biography, Fame Shine is a man devoted to living a genuine and purposeful life. In addition to his personal endeavors, he actively involves himself in programs dedicated to aiding the underprivileged and regularly takes part in charitable initiatives within his hometown. His deeds exemplify his dedication to effecting positive change in society, embodying the principles of compassion and selflessness.