Kenyan public relations and digital consultancy firm AM Communications has partnered with South Africa’s Alfa Destiny Communications to offer the fast-growing African market specialized corporate communication and reputation management solutions.

In the partnership, the two agencies will provide innovative strategic communications solutions to local and multinational clients.

The agencies seek to enter the African market, with the initial target being Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Nigeria.

AM Communications Managing Partner, Anthony Mutua, noted that the partnership will create a synergy to deliver unique, timely, and relevant communications solutions to local and international brands keen on establishing and growing their presence on the continent.

Speaking during the announcement of the partnership, Mutua noted that the partnership aims to help their mutual clients build brand visibility and support their growth and success while strengthening their regional footprint in Africa.

Further, he noted that a strong understanding of the local market is key to delivering insightful, informed and well-nuanced solutions that help their clients understand and adapt to the needs of this market.

“Increased diversification in the large economies in Africa, a flourishing middle-income consumer market, and increased investment in key sectors like infrastructure, financial services, transport, ICT, health and manufacturing tells an exciting and promising story about Africa,” he added.

Alfa Destiny Communications Founder and Managing Director Tshego Kekana, cited the rapidly evolving dynamics in the continent’s PR landscape, headlined by digital disruption, hence the need for innovative but localized solutions to clients’ needs.

“Our collaboration with AM Communications is designed to enable both agencies harness their strong presence in key markets in Africa, with locally relevant communications solutions tailored to specific in-country markets,” explained Kekana.

In 2022, the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) published the first-ever report on the African public relations (PR) landscape that showed improved demand for public relations and strategic communications on the continent.

An increasingly sophisticated commercial and media environment has also attracted global PR agencies keen on tapping into this growing demand, especially for reputation management for brands and companies.

The move towards digital and social media-led communication strategies also represents a strong growth area for African PR practitioners.