Money is an essential aspect of our lives because we need it to be able to carry out our day-to-day activities. This means that it is imperative to have a good relationship with money. Having a good relationship with money means you do not obsess over or hoard it. But instead, it means you must learn to manage it successfully, appreciate it, and use it carefully. Here are ways to do it:

1 Understanding your financial situation 

 Understanding the state of your finances is the first move towards developing a positive relationship with money. This includes carefully examining your revenue, expenses, debts, and savings. You should be aware of how much cash is coming into your account.

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2 Creating a budget 

 When you understand your finances well, the next step, the next stage is creating a budget for yourself. A financial plan is a strategy for spending your money. Doing this will help you prioritise your spending habits and ensure that you have sufficient funds to meet your daily needs. Budgeting can also assist you in identifying areas in which you may be overspending and allowing you to make necessary adjustments.

3 Track your spending 

Understanding, where your money is going, is essential when creating a good relationship with money. Knowing where the cash goes allows you to identify areas where you may be overpaying and make necessary adjustments. You can use budgeting apps to ensure that you keep yourself in check.

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4 Setting Financial Objectives

 Setting financial objectives is critical in building a positive relationship with money. Goals offer you something to strive for and keep you motivated. Preparing for a deposit on a property, settling off debt, or creating an emergency fund are all examples of financial objectives. Make sure your goals are precise, measurable, and attainable.

 5 Learn to exist within your financial means.

 Living within what you can afford is essential to establishing a successful financial relationship. This entails spending a fraction of what you make and avoiding debt to the greatest extent possible. It may necessitate sacrifices and modifications to your lifestyle, but it will ultimately result in financial freedom and serenity of mind.