Garnier on Thursday unveiled a charcoal serum product, Pure Active AHA-BHA charcoal serum, designed to reduce acne with naturally sourced products amid growing demand.

 Garnier global president Adrien Koskas said that the brand has invested in green science as more Kenyans become more environmentally conscious.

Koskas noted that Green Beauty will transform the way the company does business.

“Developed with the help of our partners, experts and consumers, this initiative highlights our ambitions in this field supported by realistic and tangible goals,” Koskas said.

Further, Koskas noted that the International haircare and skincare company is committed to reducing environmental impact and introducing innovations to enable a sustainable future.

“It will take time, but the Green Beauty initiative will transform Garnier and, hopefully the cosmetics industry as a whole,” he added.

Garnier is the only brand on the African continent with natural care product manufacturing hubs in Kenya and South Africa.

“Our physical presence enables us to create products whose formulations are designed with the needs of our African consumers in mind,” he said.

Garnier recently embarked on an educational campaign on sustainable consumption, giving consumers access to expert knowledge and real-world advice.

 Garnier brand manager Natalie Njenga noted that the company’s new strategic direction is an exciting step toward achieving Garnier’s mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone.

 “This will allow us to have an even greater impact on the future of beauty as we lead the industry to a healthier world,”