According to a new report by Glovo, orders for burgers increased by 173 per cent in Kenya in 2022, highlighting the growing demand for Western food in the country.

The online food delivery platform has also revealed that it delivers one burger every minute in the country.

Glovo Kenya General Manager Caroline Mutuku noted that the average consumption growth rate is 173 per cent over the last three years.

She spoke ahead of World Burger Day, slated for May 28, citing that one user in the country ordered 239 buggers over the year, translating to five burgers every weekend.

Beef, chicken, and cheeseburgers are favourites across the nation.

“In analyzing the hourly distribution of burger consumption, we found that burgers are not only a popular dinner option but also a sought-after choice for lunch,” Mutuku said.

“The peak hours for burger orders were observed at 19:00h and 13:00h. Additionally, the time slot between 18:00h and 21:00h accounted for a significant 40% of the daily burger consumption, emphasizing the demand for burgers during these hours.”

Nairobi led with burger demand at 82 per cent, followed by Mombasa.

Meanwhile, Eldoret, Ngong, Rongai, Karen, Kisumu, and Mombasa registered the highest consumption growth.

Orders are mainly taken from KFC, Burger King, and Java House.

Globally, the Spanish-founded firms delivered more than 70 million burgers last year.