The County government of Baringo has closed 19 schools in the Nothern part of the devolved unit in three months due to increased insecurity following a resurgence in bandit attacks.

The closed schools include Sibilo Secondary and Primary School, Koroto Secondary and Primary Schools, Biretwonin Primary School, Akorayan Primary School, Moinonin Primary School, Chepkwel Primary School, Kosile Primary School, and Ng’aratuko Primary School.

Others include Kagir Primary School, Yatya Secondary School, Rondinin Primary School, Karimo Primary School, Sesianin Primary School, Kasepeiwa Primary School, Naipen Primary School, and Kibenos Primary School.

Baringo County Director of Information Japheth Masibu said most of the schools became deserted over time due to the increased insecurity in the region.

Further, he said that most families had left the area, leaving only a few children enrolled in schools.

“We have not closed schools, but students are deserting schools because of insecurities. Nobody has closed schools in Baringo but the few open the students kept off because even families around there are moving away,” he said.

On his part, Rift Valley Regional Commissioner Abdi Hassan said that recent weeks had seen more than 2,000 families displaced from their homes, now seeking shelter in IDP camps set up in secure areas due to insecurity in the region.

He said the situation is dire since many locals flee to safer locations, fearing for their lives.

“This condition is not good since there has been a lot of tension and residents are fearing for their lives. Three locations have been affected that need intervention,” he said.

Despite the heavy presence of security agents in the region, Baringo County has witnessed a surge of attacks in recent weeks that have led to the loss of lives and injuries.

Residents have called on the government to take decisive action to prevent further loss of life in the region.