Jeff Mwathi's grandma has spoken bitterly and even cast a curse upon anyone who might have killed his grandson.

The grandmother of Jeff Mwathi has cast a curse on those responsible for her grandson's passing. The grandma in a video going viral on social media said that she hopes the people responsible for Jeff's killing never find peace and that Jeff's blood may follow them wherever they go.

The grandmother talked angrily about her loss of Jeff, and her want for the killers to live out the remainder of their lives behind bars.

She has acknowledged talking to Jeff's ghost even after he passed away and urged him to keep going until justice is done.

"Kila pahali ataenda damu ya Jeff itakua ikimfuata ata sahii naomba hivyo.Ataendanga tu kwa njia anaona Jeff. Naambianga Jeff asilale, amuu;lizange uliniulia nini, uliniua kwa nini," she said.

He was killed before being tossed out of the building, according to the homicide detectives, who informed Citizen TV that this was done to make it look like a suicide. They admitted that there was a chance that the young man got into a fight before he died.

As an adult couldn't fit in the narrow window frames, the detectives also disproved prior reports that he had jumped out the window.

When the detectives from the homicide squad joined the team handling the exhumation for a second examination of the body, the inquiry into Jeff's murder took a new direction.

 Police commander Japhet Koome expressed concern about the peculiarities of the case, which led to the decision to exhume the body.

The directorate's chief of criminal investigations, Mohamed Amin, went to Roysambu, the location of Jeff's death, to learn more and figure out what happened.

The murder squad detectives are likewise keen to reenact the scene in order to assist in their investigation into Jeff's inexplicable death.

Wairimu countered that Jeff rarely brought up Samidoh in conversation unless prompted. She claimed that if they had insulted the singer, that was the only way he could have done that.

DJ Faxto, the subject of interest, insisted he was single. Via his counsel, he indicated his willingness to cooperate with the investigating authorities in order to guarantee Jeff receives justice.

The artist's attorney continued that the singer had not turned down any summonses from the authorities to assist with the investigations.

According to reports from the well-known Kikuyu blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga, there is a shady power play intended to protect the musician from prosecution concerning Jeff's death because of his connections.

Reportedly, the singer lost several endorsement deals from the businesses he was endorsing through his artistry due to the scandalous and tragic incident that resulted in Jeff's death.

A photo Jeff provided from 2021 showing him with Dj Fatxo proved that they had known each other for quite some time.