On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, a well-known businessman was apprehended with 23 pieces of ivory worth Sh11 million.

The businessman from Sipili Township was apprehended in Laikipia County and transported to Rumuruti Police Station.

The ivory weighed 113.75 kilograms, according to Laikipia County Police Commander John Nyoike.

He further stated that the elephant tusks were obtained in Churo, Baringo County and transported to Mahiga, Laikipia County.

"The officers who made the arrest were tipped off by members of the public, and it was easier for the officers to nab the suspect," he explained.

Mr Nyoike would not identify the identity of the businessman but said he was well-known and important in the county.

As per the police chief, the incident occurred when poaching was not prevalent in the country.

He stated that they would have to labour around the clock to determine what occurred and where the tusks originated.

"It is extremely unfortunate that poachers have killed a total of 12 elephant tusks for monetary gain." "We will conduct an investigation to determine where they committed this heinous act," he said.

He claimed the defendant had disguised the tusks in bags of corn and was about to deliver them to a customer when the police apprehended him.

Former Tourism and Wildlife Minister Najib Balala stated in 2022 that more needs to be done to conserve the country's wildlife.

"We have the Conservation of Wildlife Act, which was enacted in 2013 and carries a penalty of life imprisonment or a US$200,000 fine for offenders," he explained.