The government has put in place proper measures to combat illicit brews and narcotic drugs, which is a severe threat to the lives of the youth.

Interior and National Administration Cabinet Secretary(CS) Prof. Kithure Kindiki has called on the National Government Administrative Officers (NGAOs) to support the government’s efforts to save the youth, who are the country's future.

We are declaring total and unrelenting war on people who are selling dangerous, toxic and lethal alcoholic drinks laced with poisonous chemicals and dangerous drugs, as well as narcotic and psychotropic substances to make our children zombies, thus destroying the future generation of our country,” he stated.

Speaking during a tour of duty in Uasin Gishu County to unveil the Deputy County Commissioner’s (DCC) Offices in Kesses Sub County, the CS indicated that the government will apply the same force it uses to combat terror and cattle rustling in the country to fight against alcoholism and substance abuse.

“There is no difference between terrorists and those selling poisonous alcohol and dangerous narcotics to our children, all of them are killers, who are out to destroy our country,” noted Prof. Kindiki.