Over 30,000 instructors have been placed in public junior secondary schools nationwide by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). They are required to report by Monday of the following week.

Concerns from several stakeholders in the education industry about whether the number of instructors employed by TSC will be enough to meet the expanding demand led to the decision.

"Last night, I travelled to Kisumu and visited about seven schools. I spoke with the head teachers in charge of the junior secondary schools, and they said that the instructors have yet to report. It also raises an important question because only one teacher in the group of four has reported, according to KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu.

The situation will probably alter in the next week after the TSC announced that over 30,000 teachers should report to public junior secondary schools across the country on Monday.

According to the number of Grade 7 classrooms in each county, the placement was one teacher in each Junior Secondary School.

TSC wanted to hire 21,550 teacher interns and 90,000 permanent teachers with pension benefits.

According to TSC's recruiting strategy, Kitui, which was supposed to hire 1,475 teachers, Kakamega (1,449), Nakuru (1,223), Bungoma (1,208), Meru (1,120), and Machakos are the counties most likely to benefit (1,050).

Isiolo expects 119 instructors.

Mr Oyuu has discovered problems with the recruiting process, claiming that instructors with grades lower than a C+ on their KCSE were not allowed to re-employment.

I don't believe it is wise to blame this instructor for being unable to handle junior secondary school based solely on the teacher's grade C average. the KNUT boss said."This teacher has qualified competently for the degree certificate if she has a degree and is adequately qualified for the teaching subjects."

While praising the commission's decision to hire a record-breaking number of teachers in a single year, the stakeholders in education insist that there is a lot of hustle to overcome the teacher shortage. "With the new curriculum and learning methods, our teachers are already overworked, and TSC must rationalise staffing.

Preparing the human resource for CBC implementation is a further important consideration.

The Ministry of Education's standards provides that students in junior secondary schools may enrol in a maximum of 14 subject areas split across nine courses per day.

Junior Secondary School teachers will deliver 45 lessons a week.