After securing prestigious awards, Harmonize hinted at a potential collaboration with American rapper Bobby Shmurda. Tanzanian sensation Rajab Abdul Kahali, widely recognized as Harmonize, received a jubilant heroes' welcome upon his return to Tanzania on Monday, November 20, following a successful tour in the United States. The artist landed at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, proudly carrying three accolades bestowed upon him at the African Entertainment Awards 2023.

Surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd of fans, media, and representatives from Tanzania's National Arts Council (BASATA), Harmonize reveled in the glory of his accomplishments.

The recognition as Artist of the Year 2023, Best Music Video ("Single Again"), and the titles of King of The East & Bongo Afro Bongo Flavour were accolades that underscored his exceptional contributions to the music industry.

Established in 2015, the African Entertainment Awards not only applaud remarkable accomplishments in African entertainment on a global scale but also aims to foster unity among Africans and advocate for a self-reliant Africa capable of catalyzing global social change.

During his time in the U.S., Harmonize teased a thrilling collaboration with American rapper Bobby Shmurda, offering glimpses of what seemed to be a music video shoot.

This revelation has sparked heightened anticipation among fans, eager to witness the fusion of Tanzanian and American musical influences.

Nevertheless, the joyous celebration faced criticism from Baba Levo, a prominent commentator in Tanzania, who dismissed Harmonize's awards as counterfeit and lacking substantial value.

"The awards he is cheering for are Harmonize alone, even though no other artist has put them on the internet because they are very small awards like those given for church competitions.

"We cannot support childish awards like that; that's why artists have discovered they are low, and no one has posted them," Baba Levo said in an interview.

Despite the criticism, Harmonize continued to proudly display his awards.