Lawyer Danstan Omari contends that President William Ruto has committed a significant error by appointing individuals lacking competence to crucial leadership roles. According to Omari, this is the primary cause behind government officials consistently attributing failures to former President Uhuru Kenyatta. In a recent interview with K24 TV, Omari emphasized that unless the president takes decisive action promptly, the government's performance will continue to falter, impeding the progress of the country.

In response to President Uhuru's robust reply yesterday to the Kenya Kwanza government's tendency to blame him for their shortcomings, Danstan Omari asserted that Ruto and his team should refrain from involving Uhuru, considering he departed from office over 14 months ago.
"It seems that the clueless Kenya Kwanza government was not in Kasarani when Uhuru handed over the instruments of power. They still think that Uhuru is the president and everything being talked about is Uhuru Kenyatta."

"We have a legally elected and legitimate government led by Dr William Ruto who is the president, and because they are clueless since he pumped in to office incompetent people to sit in to key decision making positions such as the cabinet and his advisors, the country seems not to be moving anywhere," said Omari.

He further contended that it was the Kenya Kwanza team's insistence on implicating Uhuru in their failures that compelled his resurgence, rather than his attendance at the fundraiser following an invitation from Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka in Kitui yesterday.