In the heated spat between Minne Kariuki and Michelle Ntalami that broke out on the Real Housewives of Nairobi, socialite Risper Faith has clearly revealed the side she supports.

On her Instagram, Risper promoted Minne's branded t-shirts with the slogan "We write cheques, you write captions," a dig at Michelle Marini, CEO of Marini Naturals.

Risper wore the t-shirt for the post that was obviously directed at Michelle after Minne sent it to him. Risper made an interesting remark about joining RHONairobi's ensemble for season two and becoming Minne's BFF.

The eagerly awaited Real Housewives of Nairobi made its Showmax debut last week. Heiress of Keroche Fans had a query to RHONairobi's producers over Anerlisa Muigai's absence. Fans of Risper Faith also seemed to have a similar question.

Fans anticipated that the socialite would be cast in Real Housewives because she had previously starred in the reality series Nairobi Diaries. However, Lady Risper disclosed that they ghosted her once the producers initially expressed interest in casting her.

In addition, Risper affirmed that even if Nairobi Diaries were ever to make a comeback, she wouldn't return.

On February 23, Real Housewives of Nairobi premiered on Showmax. At the official debut of the Nairobi show, the cast received hospitality. Among the cast were Vera Sidika, Susan Kaittany, Sonal Maherali, Lisa Christoffersen, and Minne Kariuki, star of Single Kiasi. At the launch, the women who will be the nation's newest stars walked the red carpet like royalty and stole the show.