Steve Simple Boy's ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy, has responded to her possible suitors and those sliding in her DM.

Anyone interested in dating her was forewarned in the Instagram post that he would have to be ready and willing to pay for her expenses without complaining.

Simple Boy's Ex-girlfriend said she needs a man who knows her worth. In a previous interview with Nicholas Kioko Pritty, she stated that anyone who wants to propose to her must be willing to pay a dowry price of at least two million Kenyan shillings.

Pritty further maintained that she needed to get her dowry in cash rather than livestock. She needs the man of her dreams to purchase her a car, if not with cash.

She stated that she is not prepared to settle down with a struggling man, so the man she wants must be wealthy. She continues by saying that he must respect others and love God.

The influencer insisted that she was single only last week when she clarified the situation regarding her dating life. Pritty said she would proceed cautiously this time and wait to introduce her lover online until she is certain he is the one she will marry since introducing her men to her fans does not go well.

Pritty has a knack for confusing her followers; last month, on Valentine's Day, she made fun of her ex-spouse's husband by joking that she doesn't acknowledge their union.

Recently, the influencer fearlessly invited her admirers inside her modest home in Pipeline, Embakasi. The content producer claimed that although she hasn't purchased a bed or other luxuries, she is happy with her life.

Pritty, who gained fame for being Stivo Simple Boys' girlfriend, has stated that she is uploading the film because she wants her audience to experience her personal growth alongside her.