Influencer and content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has written a comment directing it to women where he has said he looks hotter than them.

Kinuthia shared a photo and captioned it with a bitter comment. The TikToker further stated that even their boyfriends could not compare him to their girlfriends because of his beauty.

The TikToker has been avoiding the subject of his sexual orientation because it has come up before. He has even encountered awkward circumstances with hosts who inquire about his sexual orientation.

The content creator recently voiced his discontent with a well-known media figure for asking him a question that he believed was inappropriate.

The content producer has become well-known since he first gained attention for his appearance; he enjoys dressing femininely, down to his nails, haircut, and fancy clothing.

Kinuthia acknowledged that it was difficult for others to comprehend his decisions, which is likely why he chose not to dress as a woman at his uncle's funeral to avoid drawing attention.

Many people don't realize, claims Kinuthia, that he chooses to advertise for his brand while wearing women's clothing, accessories, and makeup. He represents several stores and brands that sell women's clothing, purses, nail services, and wigs.

He admitted that there was an occasion when he was prevented from entering the men's room because the security guard at the door mistook him for a woman.

 "I went to Village Market with my friends. After sharing a meal, I decided to go to the washroom. Before I entered, someone told me to stop, but I did not listen to him. I lacked words to express myself. What would I have told him?" Kinuthia Narrated.