Anerlisa's fan named Bosco Abraham left a comment on one of Anerlisa's posts expressing his wish that Anerlisa would one day become his wife. "One day, that hand will have a ring, hopefully from me," he wrote.

Anerlisa retorted that while many men are adept at placing rings on women's fingers, they utterly fail when managing a genuine woman.

Knowing this from experience, Anerlisa once found herself in it with Tanzanian artist Benpol, and the romance ended amicably.

Anerlisa previously made a similar argument in a still active post on Instagram, outlining the prerequisites she has for any male who wants to date her. Anerlisa outlined two things in a lengthy blog post that she was certain were necessary for a successful relationship. She claimed that a man needed substantial wealth and sound investments to support an independent woman.

No matter how hard independent women try, she said, they eventually become weary of constantly having to pay bills or buy stuff for the man.

It appears that the CEO of the Nero company, who was thought to be wealthier than her ex-husband Benpol, had to learn her lesson the hard way. It's rumoured that Anerlisa used to support his lifestyle when they were together.

On the other hand, Ben Pol claimed that he is still unable to understand why their relationship failed despite the fact that he was sincere and they made every effort.

He also disclosed that their relationship had no concerns with infidelity.

In addition, he mentioned that he sought counselling after splitting with the Keroche heir, saying that it was essential since it enabled him to handle the divorce and that he has since recovered.

She refused to lie about having seen a therapist, she claimed. There are numerous instances in life where consulting a therapist may be necessary, according to Anerlisa. Also, our time has a wealth of online tools that might assist someone in getting through a trying time in their lives. I made an effort to use them.