Akothee's social media pages have been filled with inquiries from both fans and critics, all curious about the whereabouts of her husband, Omosh, who seemed to have vanished after their extravagant wedding in Kenya.

In response to speculations and wishes from certain individuals who hoped for a breakup, Madam Boss emphatically denied any possibility of her and Omosh ever parting ways, reaffirming their commitment to each other.

While enjoying her honeymoon in Greece with Omosh, Akothee has finally shared a compelling statement on her Instagram account. In her post, Akothee addressed her previous announcement of taking a break from her various engagements, including social media, in order to prioritize her new marriage with Mr. Omosh.

Expressing her thoughts in a lengthy Instagram post, Akothee revealed that since their wedding a month ago, both she and Omosh have been incredibly busy and haven't had the opportunity to take a proper honeymoon. Both of them immediately resumed work after the wedding, leaving no time for rest or leisure.

She further revealed that she wants to take some time to try and conceive before July of this year. She is determined to give Omosh a child as she miscarried her first pregnancy with him as stated below.

"Wedding is the beginning of living together and knowing each other better. I don't think I will ever have another beautiful wedding like this one, the next one will be a unique one too 不不. we haven't even opened our wedding gifts 不不不不, my husband left for work immediately after a rest two weeks.

We haven't gotten time to go for Honey Moon. Days are running and the year is getting closer, we are not pregnant Yet, I think I am too stressed. So I want to put everything on Hold and concentrate on my love life. If I don't get pregnant between now and July, every other thing will wait, my Dr @swaleh__md told me to hold on until after the wedding, she told me clearly that weddings drain energy, therefore, I might not get pregnant that soon 不不不不不 or I might lose the pregnancy again when I received my periods I was mad at myself

Daktari you were right.

Now you guys

Give me time.

I will take a break from everyone and everything including social media.

Allow me to look for my second last Born baby before we talk about other things."