After a disagreement occurred during a dinner hosted at singer Betty Bayo's home, Kabi WaJesus made remarks referring to The Murayas as individuals who deliberately seek attention for publicity. The incident was captured in the reality show 'Oh sister,' where Kabi insinuated that Size 8 and DJ Moh feigned a disagreement to promote their own projects or ventures subtly.

In response to Kabi's comments, Size 8 expressed her disappointment, considering his words defamatory. She emphasized that, as a gospel artist, she has never engaged in clout chasing or seeking attention for personal gain.

"The problem I have with Kiki is that Kiki is backed on lies and the father of lies is the devil," said Size 8

Kabi then said, "Size 8 has kiki, sometimes she lefts the group. Goes to the mjengo site and posts Kiki there."

Huwezisema sio kiki uachane na mtu kwa site."

Size 8 said as a minister of the gospel clout chasing is not allowed. "Let me say this and Kabi don't cut me, I am serious, you slander too much and you don't know what you are saying."

Milly Wa Jesus stood by her husband's assertion that Size 8 had been actively seeking attention for publicity.

In another video clip, Kabi can be heard saying, "I told Size 8 the truth; she's a clout chaser. That's what she and the entire Muraya family are."

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