A Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Youth and Women Advocacy Network, is calling on the government to abolish any tax on sanitary materials to make them affordable, especially for girls in secondary schools.

Speaking World’s Menstrual Hygiene Day at Kithangari girls’ high school in Meru County, Ms Santa Sabastian, the Director of Youth and Women Advocacy Network under Echo Network Africa, said the move will ensure that the girls’ learning times in schools were not interrupted as they go out to look for the essential materials.

“We have realized that girls also do not feel comfortable when they are undergoing the menstrual cycle and especially when they lack sanitary towels. This affects their performance and our rallying call to the government therefore is to abolish any tax on these materials if not providing them for free,” said Ms Sabastain.

 "We also came here to support and encourage the young girls that there is no shame in having periods and that they should be confident and serious in their studies even when experiencing the cycles.

Deputy Director Mr Ahmad Yusuf called on all education stakeholders and partners to work together to ensure that every girl in schools in Meru County has access to adequate sanitary towels to ensure they have uninterrupted access to quality education.

According to stakeholders in education, many girls don’t give their best in life because of the stigma surrounding them, especially concerning the menstrual cycle.

Global health organisations are trying to build a world where no one is held back because of the normal menstrual cycle by 2030.