Do not wife ladies who still beg for fare and airtime. She should never spend more than 24 hours in your house.

Young couples

Don't marry a lazy girl. A girl that will ask you for transport money.

The advise they are giving you, that a man should give her transport money already invokes the fact that the person you are dating or you are interesting in is a poor girl. 

So many people more so girls believe that men should be providers and hence are obligated by nature to provide even transport for them to go see their boyfriends.

The trend has really grown especially for girls in Nairobi who have made this a way of living in this expensive city of Nairobi and in this economy.

So many ladies are lazy and don't want to work on their own to make their own money. They want to live a fancy life ''soft life''  with men who have worked their entire lives to achieve success.

Many of young girls say they cant build or start a life with a man from scratch in fear of men dumping them when they make it life. 

Men if a lady visits you, you must have a fixed time scheduled for how long she will stay in your house. Two to Three hours are more than enough for  lady in your house.

 A large percentage of Kenyan girls often ask for data money, hair money , hang out money, transport fare, food money, and some go to an extend of asking for rent.

They call and say they're unable to pay half of the rent and all the what nots. Yes some ladies work hard but a majority of them are far from that.

The ''Wababa'' thing is on rise due to the harsh economy in the country and as a result, young men stay single because they've got no money to satisfy all the needs of the ladies. That is way better for hardworking young men to stay single and achieve in life. Better safe than sorry

Unplug from liabilities if you want to be a builder.